Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Four Headlamps stumble on a fan in Wasilla

WASILLA, Alaska, USA - The Four Headlamps got a hit on the website this week from Wasilla, Alaska of all places.

Yes, that Wasilla.

Someone was searching for Chunder in the Old Pacific Sea and found the site.

Wasilla, readers might remember, is home to Gov. Sarah Palin (R) who at the moment, is barnstorming around the country trying to convince people that she would make a good president, er, I mean, vice-president.

The site meter that shows the Wasilla hit doesn't give enough information to pin down exactly who looked at the site, but perhaps it was someone at the public library, if it's still open. But it could be someone with a Palin connection - maybe even one of the Palin kids, if they have been let off the campaign tether.

In the meantime, it could be that the person who ran across this site is now a fan and we can look forward to more Alaska-Mexico connections, even though you can't see Mexico from Sarah Palin's house.

You betcha?

Wasilla logs in to the Four Headlamps
Wasilla logs on

New fans for The Four Headlamps?

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