Friday, December 7, 2007

Publicity shots arrive from our photographer

MURPHYS, Calif., USA - The first set of photos taken by The Four Headlamps official photographer - Ruth Gray - arrived at our studio this evening.

They were taken last week during our practice session at Ruth and Brian house on the edge of the wilderness in the mountains.

Mariposa Ole!

Headlamps Two
The Four Headlamps

While we don't have our musical instruments in our hands for this shot, you can get the full headlamp effect.

Bright, isn't it?

We are working up a song list, bolstered by several ukulele books I purchased at a music store in downtown Murphys. So far, I think we can safely add
Folsom Prison Blues, Crazy, and King of the Road.

Safely might be a slight exaggeration.

Headlamps One
Jammin' with the Headlamps

Headlamps three
Pat & Sylvia on break