Thursday, October 23, 2008

Open mic night in November at Palapa Joe's - yikes!

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Admiral Fox, lead violinist of The Four Headlamps just found out that while two members of the group will be vacationing in La Manzanilla at the end of Thanksgiving week (she and Michael), there will be an open mic night at The Four Headlamps favorite south-of-the-border saloon, Palapa Joe's.

And, apparently, The Four Headlamps (minus Sanders and Pat Lamont who will be home in the mountains) are expected to put on a reprise performance of Rodney Carrington's Dancin' With A Man.

There's even a reasonable chance that there will be a couple of other songs in the repertoire, including the Australian favorite, Chunder, and a couple of songs written by Brett Beardslee of Hector, New York that haven't made the pop charts yet, but certainly keep the people in upstate New York in stitches.

One is called, Rich Young Nymphomaniac, a song sure to please the rowdy crowd at Palapa Joe's.

Brett Beardslee
Brett Beardslee

Brett and Admiral practicing
Admiral Fox and Brett practicing last summer in Hector, New York

Last spring, after The Four Headlamps performed Dancin' With A Man at open mic night, they received this comment from Rodney Carrington's publicist:

Thanks for your tribute to Rodney Carrington! However, if you are planning on this as a new occupation, you might want to consider "getting" day jobs! LOL!

Julie Goldstein, Rodney's Publicist

Hmmm... Maybe a little practice - and a lesson or two with violin and ukulele Maestro Bill Trainor in Sacramento, might be in order before November.

We don't want any chundering while we perform.