Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Four Headlamps launch a web page

MURPHYS, Calif., USA - Six months after sitting in a palapa in La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico, the four members of the band The Four Headlamps gathered in Camp Connell and Murphys to go over some music and lay some plans for upcoming gigs.

We don't actually have any gigs, but we are having fun with the music.

Mariposa, ole! Mariposa, ole!

After a first jam session Friday night, we had another bit of fun Saturday, enlisting the aid of 10-year-old Delaney Gray on vocals.

She might have to replace Michael as lead singer. He's insisting, in fact. In fact, he's trying to back out of singing all together, and would prefer to simply bang away on his amplified, 8-string uke.

The name,
The Four Headlamps, came from Scott Noble, formerly Chief Engineer on the sailing vessel Sabbatical.

We were all sitting in a palapa playing some music at sundown and borrowed Scotty's headlamp so we could see our music.

voila, the name of the band came forward.

Here's a quick video of some practice with Sanders and Michael and Delaney, followed by Pat and Sylvia getting ready for the first of our publicity shots, taken by band photographer, Ruth Gray.