Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Four Headlamps at Camp Connell this weekend

CAMP CONNELL, Calaveras County, Calif., USA - Most of the celebrated jumping frogs of this county have gone into hibernation (if they are smart) as the weather forecast is calling for very cold nights - and maybe even a little snow.

Four Headlamps lead guitarist Sanders Lamont a few days ago wrote on Facebook:

"Weather turning colder. In the 30s at night,

but nice cool days. Fall almost done. We're waiting on snow."

Frog angels
Frogs making snow angels

But despite the cold forecast - and the countdown to Mexico underway for Captain Michael and Admiral Sylvia - The Four Headlamps are planning a jam session this week at Camp Connell

Some partying at either the Lube Room or the Camp Connell Store is also planned. Wait, perhaps there will be partying at both.

Adm. Fox flirted with the idea of taking up the ukulele - going so far as to purchase a small Kala travel unit - but on reflection, she decided to wait until she gets to Mexico where an extra uke is waiting.

This is likely to be the last practice session before Michael and Sylvia head south to Mexico, where they will take up residence first in La Mazanilla for a couple of weeks, then Arroyo Seco.

But this weekend, it's guitar, violin, ukulele and hammer dulcimer. All in tune, even.