Thursday, February 7, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

Camp Connell, CA-- Getting ready for the debut public appearance of the Four Headlamps requires endless practice.

No matter where you are at the time.

No matter how much the walkway needs shoveling.

Here's proof that Sanders was working hard on his little Hecho en Mexico guitar, a souvenir of Zihuatenejo, even though important work needed his attention.

Since we expect a grand reunion in La Manzanilla on the shore of Tenacatita Bay by the end of the month, we're working semi-hard to learn a tune or two. At this point I think our debut probably should be at midnight on the beachfront under a full moon.

One song I hope we can bring together is a great old California tune by Woody Guthrie called Do Re Mi. It goes something like this:

California's a garden of Eden,
It's a paradise to live in or see,
But believe it or not,
You won't think it's so hot,
If you aint got the Do Re Mi.