Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Four Headlamps squeeze in a practice session

CAMP CONNELL, California, USA - The Four Headlamps, plus Dan and Lorraine Olsen of the sailing vessel Zephyrus, had a music-filled evening Saturday at Sanders and Pat Lamont's house (Elevation 5,500 feet). The weather was almost perfect, with the exception that the true flat-landers in the group (Admiral Fox and Michael) were not used to the pine pollen and immediately got allergic reactions.

As in incredibly stuffed sinuses...

But after a great dinner, including a bottle of excellent sauvignon blanc, the runny noses cleared up enough to play music for about an hour, with newcomers Dan and Lorraine Olsen providing the backbeat on some metal spoons and wooden clackers.

Admiral Fox on the violin
Admiral Fox tunes up

The group practiced a number of fancy tunes, most more suited to the guitar, violin and hammer dulcimer than the ukelele. But a number of others snuck in that were excellent uke songs, including the cowboy classic, Back in the Saddle, The Mermaid, and also a new favorite, Union Maid.